Offer In Compromise

IRS Offer in Compromise: Your Path to Resolving Tax Debt

Did you know that you can potentially resolve your IRS debt for a fraction of what you owe through the IRS Offer in Compromise program? This program offers taxpayers a chance to settle their tax debt, which may have been incorrectly assessed or simply unaffordable to pay in full.

The Opportunity for Debt Resolution The IRS Code outlines that they will accept an Offer in Compromise when it’s unlikely that they can collect the full amount owed, and your offered amount reasonably reflects their collection potential (Internal Revenue Code section 7122).

Eliminating Taxes, Penalties, and Interest In many cases, it’s possible to completely eliminate your tax debt, including penalties and interest, at a significant discount. There’s no fixed bottom limit that the IRS will accept for debt settlement, especially when your offer is prepared correctly.

The Art of Precision in Offer Preparation The key to success lies in determining the minimum amount the IRS will accept from you before making an offer. This requires careful calculation and preparation to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Taking Action to Resolve Tax Problems If you’re burdened by IRS debt and believe that an Offer in Compromise could be the solution, it’s crucial to take action now. Start by completing the free consultation form below to explore potential strategies for addressing your tax issues.

Discover Your Path to Tax Debt Resolution Learn how an Offer in Compromise, when prepared meticulously, can potentially reduce your tax debt to as little as 5-15% of your current balance. Reach out to us today, and let’s work together to find the best approach to resolve your tax challenges and regain your financial freedom.

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