IRS Tax Issues [ How To-Resolve-IRS-Tax-Problems]

Tax problems come in many different forms; IRS tax problems, State tax problems, and Sales tax problems.

The IRS for example has ramped up its’ staff to increase their tax enforcement efforts through tax collection and tax audit.

When a taxpayer or a small business owner receive the dreaded tax notice that their tax return or their business is going to be audited and examined, the first thing they should do is seek professional tax advice.

Contact a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who can represent you before the IRS or other taxing authority.

The same goes when the taxpayer receives collection letters threatening levying or garnishing of wages, paychecks or bank accounts. The taxpayers should seek out a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for help.

The most common options to resolve your tax problems are:
• Full Payment – paying the amount on the tax notice.
• Pay The Correct Tax Only – paying the actual amount of taxes if you can afford to.
• Installment Agreement – paying the taxes owed through an installment agreement.
• Offer In Compromise – an offer in compromise, OIC, is an agreed amount less than what is owed.

So, if you have a tax problem do yourself a favor and contact us today to assist you in resolving your tax problem.



User | 24/09/2021