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The way accounting professionals and clients manage financial information has changed significantly over the past few years. The rate at which businesses are migrating their workflows to the cloud is increasing rapidly and in 2016, the number of paid subscribers to QuickBooks Online surpassed 1.5 million.

Why are so many migrating to QuickBooks Online?

Technical Benefits

• QuickBooks Online is a true cloud-based application. Because it runs in a browser, users can access the company data from anywhere at any time. Multiple users of the same company account can be in different locations and easily work in the company at the same time.

• Access to data from multiple devices: computer, smartphone or tablet. The QuickBooks Online Mobile App for Android and IOS is included with QuickBooks Online subscriptions at no additional cost.

• Company data can be accessed from multiple operating systems, including Windows or Mac. This allows users of the same company data to use the platform they are most comfortable with. As long as the computer can run a supported browser and connect to the internet, you can access QuickBooks Online.

• All the data is hosted, backed up and secured by Intuit’s servers using 128 bit encryption. QuickBooks is updated frequently by the Intuit development team so you never have to install or update the program; it’s done for you behind the scenes.

9 Workflow Benefits For Clients

• Source documents can be attached to Customer and Vendor records, along with most transactions in QuickBooks. Users can snap a picture on their mobile device using the QuickBooks mobile app or upload a document from their computer. This allows for better collaboration between users and the accountant, and centralization of source documents.

• Automatically create invoices and send them to clients, including delayed customer charges for unbilled time and costs. Users can schedule Recurring Transactions to automate billing and record expenses that occur regularly and are for the same amount.

• Comprehensive Audit Log tracks all changes made to the company data including all changes to new and existing transactions, login information, list changes and access by third-party apps

• Schedule reports to be emailed to anyone at regular intervals

• Organize data with both class and location tracking to create segmented financial reports and provide detail about different profit centers • Connect QuickBooks to your online bank and credit card accounts. Transactions are downloaded automatically each day to the Banking Center where you can match them to existing transactions or create a new one.

• Set up Bank Rules to tell QuickBooks how to code downloaded Bank Feed transactions and automatically add them to the register • Invite unlimited report reader and time tracker users in QuickBooks Online Plus

• Subscribe to and use Intuit-approved third-party apps from inside QuickBooks Online

• The QuickBooks Apps for Mac and Windows gives users an experience similar to QuickBooks Desktop products.

User | 14/03/2017